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​Professional, reliable and honest computer and technology solutions for your business, home and church since 2002
Putting Personal back into Computer
  1. Desktop Computer Repairs and Upgrades
    I offer a full line of desktop repairs, including hardware and software related problems. I will get your old computer running like new. Computer beeping or will not start? Funny noise coming from your computer? Computer running slow or locking up? Please call me today to schedule an appointment. I service Mac and Windows machines.
  2. Laptop Repairs, Upgrades and Services
    I offer a full line of laptop repairs, including hardware and software related problems. I can fix your broken laptop screen, broken laptop keyboard, battery problems, broken buttons and ports and broken charging plugs. Please call me today if your laptop is making a weird noise and shutting off by itself. I service Mac and Windows laptops.
  3. IT and Technology Consulting
    PC Technologies offers small business IT and technology consulting. I want you to have the knowledge and options that are available for your business. I provide the services needed to keep your computer system, network, etc. running efficiently. Whether it's a computer or printer problem, network issue or you want to create a website, I am here to help you and build a lifetime relationship. Emergency services are available.
  4. Data Transfer
    I offer transfer of music, pictures, documents, email and other information from your old computer to your new one. I also offer iPod, iPhone, iPad data and music transfers. All of your files will be scanned for viruses and malware before transferring to your new computer.
  5. Virus, Ransomware and Malware Removal
    Viruses are not the only issue that can harm your system. Spyware and adware also cause problems; usually more than actual viruses themselves. They can cause your computer to run slow. I use advanced virus, spyware and adware cleaning software to scan, fix and remove threats.
  6. Smart Phones, Tablets, iPad and iPhone Repair
    I offer a full line of repair and data recovery services for your wireless devices. I also fix broken screens on most models. iPad or iPhone running slow? Contact me to fix your slow running iOS device.
  7. Computer Setup
    I can help you decide what to buy, saving you time and money. Need your computer moved to your new home, apartment or condo? I provide on-site setup of your new computer or laptop and transfer data from your old system. I will also setup and network your new or existing printer and other devices. I will make sure your computer is secured and protected from viruses and malware.
  8. Computer Tutoring
    I will take my time to answer any questions you may have and will schedule one-on-one tutoring. I strive to meet all of my customers' demands. Each training session is custom tailored to meet your specific needs. All this in the comfort of your home or business! This service can be performed remotely or in person.
  9. Home and Small Business Networking
    I provide installation, configuration and will secure your home or small business network with the latest wireless network security encryption. Additionally, I will configure firewalls, filter MAC addresses, setup file sharing capabilities and network printing. I will also diagnose and fix your wireless networking problems. Protect your identity and never let anyone on your network you do not know or that has a comprised computer.
  10. Remote Support and Help
    I offer remote computer support for all of my customers. I securely log into your computer with your permission and a randomly generated id/password. This is a new service that allows me to instantly help you! I can fix almost all of your computer problems and even some network problems through remote access. I will stay on the phone with you during the entire repair, if you would like. You are able to watch and see everything that I am doing.
  11. Internet Help
    I can assist you with setting up, troubleshooting and configuring your Comcast, Verizon DSL and FiOS service. I troubleshoot wireless internet connections, cable TV and phone connections. I can even provide one-on-one internet tutoring and security tutoring. Learn how to safely browse the internet and protect your privacy.
  12. Data Recovery
    In the unfortunate event you have a system failure, blue screen of death or other computer problems, I will attempt to recover your data and re-build your system. If you can no longer access your hard drive because of a hardware failure, I can help! I can recover and repair your Microsoft Outlook PST files and email. iPhone and iPad data recovery services are also available (special rates may apply).
  13. Custom Built Computer System
    I build and customize high performance computer systems. Whether you are a gamer, musician, engineer or just looking for a fast, high performance machine, I can build you the computer system of your dreams! I also offer liquid cooled builds which drastically cut down on background fan noise. All systems are custom built to your specific needs.
  14. Website Design
    I offer professional website design, domain registration and search engine optimization services (SEO) consulting. Website design is more complicated than just simply throwing together a design. It involves researching and customizing your content for the best organic search engine rankings. Our designs are responsive and designed to work not just on a computer, but on tablets, phones and other mobile devices.
  15. Computer Maintenance
    I recommend a computer check-up every 6 months to make sure your system is properly protected. Do not rely on the products that are provided to you by your internet service provider (ISP). They do not protect you from all threats. This service is not a contract. I will simply contact you at the recommended interval and you decide if you would like me to perform the recommended maintenance. There is never any pressure or sales pitch.